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You may believe that providing excellent service will make you stand out in a world of sub-par customer service. You will succeed if you provide exceptional service. You will be able to increase your profits and customer satisfaction by incorporating the “wow!” factor into every sale. You must be trustworthy, knowledgeable, friendly and professional to achieve the “wow!” factor. Don’t overpromise but don’t underpromise. You must also be able and willing to offer a high standard of service to all who come in contact with you business. You’ll get more referrals from satisfied clients if you do this.

Everyone who has the opportunity to meet you and your company will be impressed. People should be amazed by the exceptional level of service that you provide to clients. Gift-giving is a great way to show your gratitude and demonstrate your outstanding customer service. You should aim to provide exceptional customer service so that clients will tell their friends, family, and coworkers about you company.

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Why Is Customer Service Training Important To Grow a Business?

Every person who comes in contact with your company is a potential customer or referrer. You can reward people who refer people to your business by giving them a gift. To show your appreciation, send gifts to business associates. This is a great way of building relationships with people you depend on to do business. You can find a reason to thank these people with a card and a gift. What gifts are you going to send? Let me leave it up to you to decide, but here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • Movie passes
  • Starbucks cards
  • Houseplants and flowers
  • Get a ticket to a free car wash
  • Candles for gifts
  • Favorite recipes
  • Gourmet chocolates or gourmet popcorn

Salespeople who are successful make sure that their loyal referrers get rewarded consistently and regularly. You should consider the highest rewards for your top referrers. These could include:

  • Two-course dinner at a fine restaurant
  • Tickets for the opera and rock concerts
  • Gift card
  • Gift baskets or fruit of high quality
  • Potted plants or arrangements of flowers
  • Pen personally inscribed

The sky is the limit when it comes gift-giving. It is more likely that the gift will be remembered. Additionally, it will remind your friends and colleagues of your exceptional services the next time they need them.

Customer Service Training Tips

Customer service is the best way for customers to return to your business. Superstores with hundreds of employees don’t give enough incentives to their staff to be customer-friendly. They also don’t insist that their employees follow the customer training tips they provide. Although businesses provide new employees with customer service tips at the beginning, they tend to forget them once they have been employed for a while. Perhaps stores and businesses should offer refresher courses to their employees and teach them the customer service tips they were taught in the beginning.

The best investment you can make is to teach your employees the art of customer service. Your employees should have great people skills and enjoy working with people. A bad attitude or a negative person can quickly ruin a small business. These customer service tips can help you train your employees. Some customers are simply difficult. They complain all the time, are picky, knowledgeable, faultfinders, constant complainers and unreasonable. They are impossible to avoid so you must learn how to cope with them. Anger people are unable to reason because they get so caught up in anger that everything they say is filtered through their emotions.

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Listening, problem-solving and listening are all left-brain activities. Your angry customer is stuck on the right side and cannot rationalize with you.

Here are some more customer service tips.

It may not be the best way to calm an angry customer, but two words can go a long way in resolving the situation. Research shows that over half of all customers who voice a complaint do not receive an apology. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that most people want to be acknowledged and respected. When they are treated as if they don’t matter or their opinions mean nothing, it is not uncommon for them to feel ignored. It is a great tip for customer service that I discovered was to say “I’m sorry”, which can make all of the difference.

I don’t believe that the customer is always right. There are also those who make themselves feel superior and ridicule others. It doesn’t mean that you must be courteous to customers. Although no one deserves to be treated poorly, it is not right for anyone to suffer.

It’s a great customer service tip to say, “Thanks for letting me have your concerns about …”.” This will calm down even the most mean customers. The more you are kind with them, the more calm they will get. It works a lot if you do it several times. Another saying is: “You don’t have to be there for every fight you are invited to.”

Here are 10 tips to deliver great customer service

Good customer service is crucial to any business’s survival. You won’t succeed in attracting new customers no matter how great your efforts are. Your business will not be sustainable if you don’t have a solid customer retention plan in place. It is the actions that matter, not what you promise or what your policy says. Your employees and you will be remembered by people.

Outstanding customer service is a key component of a successful retention strategy. It’s not enough to provide excellent service; it must be memorable. Consumer expectations are higher today than ever, and companies that fail deliver risk losing market share.

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Here are 10 tips to deliver great customer service.

1) Treat me as a person. Although it’s been many years since the Midas muffler commercial aired on television, you can still hear the phrase “I’m somebody” from time to time. Why? Because customers are accustomed to being remembered. One woman summarized it this way: “You don’t have to remember my name or order but you do need to acknowledge that I have been there before.”

My local coffee shop is an excellent example of this. I noticed one day that the young man at the counter was able to greet people by name, and even though he didn’t know their names, knew their order. While I waited for my tea, he had already put my ‘two milk on a side’ on the counter, without me saying a word. I then asked him why he said “See you later” or “See you tomorrow” to certain customers. But he always replied, “Have an enjoyable week!” to me. I was greeted with a friendly smile. “Because you only visit Mondays and Fridays.” I thanked him and thought, “Wow. He won’t stay here for long. I was wrong, unfortunately.

2) Be polite It is not uncommon for company representatives to ask customers for their file information without politely asking them. A service representative should not just shout, “Account number?” It is unacceptable to insult a customer.

Six weeks ago, there was an issue with my home internet account. This is with a company I have used all my life. (And, as you know this loyalty to a phone provider is rare these days). They have never made a late payment on my bill in all of that time. The story is long and ugly, but the bottom line is that their rep was very rude before they realized the problem. I asked him to change his manner of addressing me. He snarled, “Well, what do you expect?” This problem would be avoided if you paid your bills on-time.

It was unbelievable to me what I heard. It’s possible that I would not have believed what I was hearing if I had just read the account, rather than being on the receiving side. Worse, the company’s senior management appeared to believe that this incident was not isolated. According to a 2005 survey by Schulich School of Business MBAs, this problem affects over 30% of businesses and can result in hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue and customers each year. These statistics should not be repeated in your company.

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3) Show gratitude to your customers. Your employees should smile at customers when they close a transaction. Too often, customers received a rushed and barely civil “Thanks-Have-a-nice-day-Next”. Customers who have made large purchases should receive a quick and unprofessional “Thanks-Have-a-nice-day-Next” card. This is not only because it increases referrals, but also because it’s the right thing to do.

Oh, and by a side note, “Sure” is not the right way to say thank you when customers are grateful. This is a dismissive statement that suggests you don’t care and it’s used by too many people around the globe. It is better to say “You’re welcomed”.

4) Appearances do count! Two independent research shows that nearly 90% of customers judge a company’s competence and reputation based on the way they are presented when they enter your office.

Keep me out of auto-attendant hell. Customers are getting increasingly frustrated by having to navigate through so many options and push numerous buttons, only to find out that the service they want cannot be found on the company’s site. Worse, the auto-attendant may use voice recognition but not recognize your voice. People want to be able to communicate with people, not just a list of prompts. You can find tips on how to use autoattendants efficiently on our site.

5) Be true to yourself and do what you promise. Although the expression “Under promise and over deliver” has become a bit clichéd due to overuse, it is still relevant. It is easy to lose customer trust by not following through on a promise or being late in delivering a product or service.

Toyota was one of the most successful examples of a company doing things right. Toyota couldn’t fix my RAV4 easily because there was an issue with it. I was renting a car, but planned to camp with my children. It was our summer vacation and had been planned for months. Toyota could not repair my vehicle on time so they rented an SUV to us – without me asking. Since then, I purchased another vehicle from the dealership and have recommended it to six others. Coincidence? It is not, I believe.

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6) Be a surprise to the customer from time to time. If it’s possible, provide extra service. These special gestures, whether it is a surprise dessert or an upgrade not requested, go a long ways in building customer loyalty and winning new customers. People who are unhappy with their experience will often tell others about it. However, people who have had a great experience can also share their stories.

7) Offer “full” services. Successories includes hooks and a small leveling device when it sends its framed prints. The batteries can be purchased at a nearby remote control toy seller. On weekday mornings, “My” gas station offers free coffee and gas. Northern Ontario’s drive-thru dry cleaner opens at 6 a.m. and gives you the morning paper. Yes, even small things. Are you truly appreciated? No question.

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Each of my local retailers told me that their profits and sales have increased by double digits since they started offering more comprehensive services. Consider what you could do to make it easier for customers. You can add new revenue streams and improve customer service by looking at the other products that are possible.

8) Mea Culpa. If you make a mistake, be honest and correct it. Listen to customers who have a complaint. Next, apologize and take the necessary steps to correct the situation. Sometimes, just listening without interrupting can help diffuse the situation and make the customer feel valued. Next, ask your customer what they want you to do about the situation. Most times, the customer will offer a reasonable solution that is often cheaper than what you had suggested.

Listen to your customers. You can conduct your own surveys to get customer feedback and then take corrective actions if necessary. Customers should know that you value their opinion and appreciate their business. These suggestions are easy to implement and cost little. However, they can result in customer retention and satisfaction. It is important to make sure that employees are aware of the importance and receive good training and supervision.

Chris Sewell
Chris Sewell

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