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What Happens To DYDX’s $335 Million Cryptocurrency When They Leave Ethereum?

By | May 10, 2023

Have you ever wondered what happens to a cryptocurrency worth millions of dollars when its creators leave the platform it calls home? That’s precisely the situation with DYDX, a decentralized trading platform that recently announced its decision to move from Ethereum to its blockchain protocol. With over $335 million in digital assets under management, there’s been a lot of speculation surrounding the fate of DYDX’s cryptocurrency. In this blog post, we delve into the details and shed light on what might happen to this valuable token.


DYDX is a well-known decentralized cryptocurrency platform that has been built on the Ethereum blockchain. Recently, the company announced that it is planning to move its platform from Ethereum to a Cosmos blockchain of its own creation. This move has intrigued investors and crypto enthusiasts alike, as they wonder how it will affect the company’s functionality, user experience, and overall value. In this article, we will explore what happens to DYDX’s $335 million cryptocurrency when they leave Ethereum and the process that investors need to understand before moving.

Benefits of the Move:

DYDX’s decision to move from Ethereum to its blockchain has a plethora of potential benefits for the platform, investors and users. One of the primary benefits of this move is improved transaction times. Ethereum has been struggling with scalability issues that lead to delays in transactions and high transaction fees, making it difficult for traders to execute their trades promptly and efficiently. Nevertheless, with its proprietary blockchain and a new consensus algorithm, DYDX aims to eliminate these issues.

Another significant benefit of the move to Cosmos is the platform’s liquidity. With the new blockchain, DYDX has the opportunity to create a more robust and decentralized trading ecosystem, improving the liquidity and scalability of its platform.

Moreover, the move may also improve the platform’s user experience significantly. For instance, DYDX aims to become fully decentralized, creating a peer-to-peer trading environment with no intermediaries. This approach provides additional security, faster transaction speeds, and a better overall user experience.

The Process of Moving:

Before DYDX can transfer its platform to Cosmos, several steps need to be undertaken. The process of moving involves swapping ERC-20 tokens for native tokens on the new blockchain. Investors should remain patient as the transfer process may be lengthy and involve several complex steps.

The company has appointed Third Party Staking to perform the swap, which includes identifying and verifying investors that hold DYDX ERC-20 tokens, receiving and processing swap requests, and distributing the new native tokens after the swap.

Investors should also familiarize themselves with the new blockchain and use the wallets compatible with the new chain.

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Features of DYDX:

DYDX is a global decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform that provides perpetual trading for cryptocurrencies, commodities, and index funds. The platform offers a unique leverage trading facility that allows its users to leverage up to ten times their collateral. This feature benefits traders using the platform, only qualified and experienced traders have access to the margin trading option.


In conclusion, DYDX’s move from Ethereum to its blockchain has many potential benefits for investors and users. The platform aims to improve transaction times, lower transaction costs, and create a more robust and decentralized environment. Nevertheless, investors must pay attention to the process before making the transition, using the compatible wallets and providing their tokens to a third party. DYDX’s platform remains an attractive option to investors due to its features, notably- the unique leverage feature.


  1. Is DYDX a decentralized trading platform?
    Yes, DYDX is a fully decentralized trading platform that allows peer-to-peer trading with no intermediaries.

  2. What assets can I trade on DYDX?
    DYDX offers perpetual trading for cryptocurrencies, commodities, and index funds.

  3. How much leverage can I use on DYDX’s platform?
    Users can leverage up to ten times their collateral while trading on DYDX, making it a go-to platform for experienced traders.

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  5. What is the benefits of DYDX moving its platform from Ethereum to Cosmos?
    The move is expected to improve transaction times and lower transaction costs, improve the platform’s liquidity and user experience, and create a more robust and decentralized ecosystem.