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These eleven tips can be used as a guide to success. These eleven steps will help you attract more customers and propel your business to new heights.

1. Advertise Smart

Nothing is worthless if it’s not possible to gain… While it is logical to try new advertising methods, smart marketers don’t risk their lives. Are your current advertising campaigns generating the high response rates you want? This is a good idea: experiment with 20 percent of your advertising budget and let the other 80 percent do their job of keeping customers coming back.

2. Reduce and multiply

Sometimes quantity is better than big. Reduce the size of your advertisements to make them more effective. Surprisingly short ads are more effective at generating responses than long ads. Keep it brief and you’ll be amazed at the results.

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3. Increase the visibility of your ads

Look at the advertisements you have currently. Are your current advertisements full of vibrant, energetic, and stimulating phrases? You can get rid of boring words by replacing them with phrases such as… it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3,… hurry! Save !… now! Get started !… Keep things moving and full of action to achieve effective advertising results.

4. Give them the Warm Fuzzies

People purchase products because of the feelings they get from them. How does it feel to own a brand new car? You’re probably proud of your new car and eager to show it off. These feelings are important to remember, so make sure you include word pictures in your ads that stimulate them. You’ll be amazed at the results that you get by encouraging and dramatizing your readers’ desires.

5. Send them a postcard

It takes only a few minutes to read the back of a card. Many people are busy just like you. No matter how busy we may be, everyone automatically reads short, clear, concise postcards. Send your audience short advertisements on postcards and watch the flood of replies.

6. Advertisers: Pay your customers

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising. That’s right! You’re right! Yes, you can implement a reward system for referrals to increase your sales.

7. Say thank you

Although it takes only a few minutes to send a thank-you card to your customer, the lasting effects of this thoughtful gesture can be a source of loyalty that lasts a lifetime. We all want to feel appreciated. Your customers will, too.

8. Sell to your Current Customers

It’s not always true that new customers bring sales growth. Yes, it is possible to increase sales with customers that you already have. You might offer them a complementary product to the one they already own. How about follow-ups. It’s easier to sell to existing customers than it is to gain new customers. Do not overlook the potential in your store!

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9. Combining Items to Make Special Sales

Bulk buying is always cheaper…or is it? People feel that buying in bulk is cheaper than buying individually. Profit from this feeling. Advertise a special deal by grouping a few products together. Yes, customers will feel pressured into spending the extra money before the deal ends.

10. Surprise, Surprise!

A pleasant surprise is something that everyone loves. Yes, we all like a pleasant surprise, especially after making a purchase our conscience says we shouldn’t have. Are you ready to eliminate the guilt trips that follow a purchase? Surprise them at the register. Instead of feeling defeated, they’ll feel like it was their lucky day.

11. Count the losses

We often think about the benefits of a sale when we consider it. But what about the loss that comes from not purchasing? Losses are often more damaging than savings. Your customers should be aware of the potential losses they will face if they don’t take advantage.

What number of these strategies are you currently using? You’ll be amazed at the results you get when you try new strategies. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sometimes, it pays to look at your current situation and make some changes. These 11 tips will help you increase your sales.

12 Sales-Boosting Strategies

There is intense competition and advertising budgets are more tight than ever. There are several things you can do if you want to increase profits and gain market share.

Give your product a distinct personality.

OfficeMax’s Rubber Band Guy is instantly recognisable and memorable. This has helped to increase brand recognition and sales. It is a personification of the brand and conveys the message that OfficeMax has everything customers need.

Give them a history lesson.

The most popular products that we use today are those with th longest development histories. Hippocrates was the father of modern medicine. He left historical records that describe a powder made of bark and leaves from the willow tree. It was used to treat headaches, pains and fevers. Bayer later repackaged the salicin found in the willow plants as the main ingredient in aspirin.

Sing your product’s praises.

Make a catchy, memorable song, poem or jingle that sticks in people’s heads. Gillette sold millions upon millions of razor blades with “The Best a Man Can Get,” a slogan that continues to be a strong reminder of the product’s superior performance.

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Your product can be repackaged for customer.

Make your product more convenient by creating new packaging. Motor oil was used to be sold in cans that needed a punch-in or separate punch-through can opener. These cans were difficult to use and messy. Oil is now sold in easy-to-pour, twist-open plastic bottles

Consumables should take the lead.

Reduce the price of your product and then market it. The ink cartridges for computer printers are available for as low as $20 and as high as $29 each. Don’t be concerned about making a large profit on your devices. Let your consumables do the talking.

Use viral marketing.

Viral marketing refers to any word-of mouth or “tell a buddy” method that encourages people to share a marketing message with others. Viral techniques, which are based on the power of email and the internet, can lead to exponential growth in the visibility of your product.

Personalize your product.

You can give your customers what they want by making customized versions of your product. Take a look at the success of Cycle 1, 2, 3, 4, 4 Pet Foods or Burger King’s “Have it Your Way.”

High-tech is the future.

To reinforce your message, you can use the most recent technological advances in media. You can use audio chips in brochures, magazines, and mailers, for example. These devices are unique and get people talking.

Encourage product sharing

You can do this by showing how your product brings people together. This type of emotional appeal can make a lasting impression. Almond Joy’s “you can have half and still have the whole” is a good example. Another is the Friends-and-Family discount which is available on everything, from vacation packages to cell phones.

Demonstrate your product’s use by experts.

As much as possible, make your product look like one used by experts in the field. Canon uses photojournalists as endorsements for its 35mm cameras.

Make your product sui generis.

Your product should be considered a generic product. Take Porsche’s “there is no substitute” line. Or products that have become household terms: “blow your nose using a Kleenex” or “make me a Xerox Copy.”

You can think outside of the box.

You can attract a new customer group by looking outside the box. You can attract younger and older customers by expanding the utility of your product.

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A Favorable Juncture Of Circumstances

You have reached a positive juncture when decision-makers are open to meeting with you. You can then take advantage of this opportunity if you build trust with them and allow them to tell you enough about yourself so you can recommend the right package of your products or services that meets their specific needs.

Top sales reps believe that a sale is complete if they are able to get an appointment with a decision maker. They believe that the prospective customer must have a need for their products or services to be willing to schedule an appointment. This checklist is designed to help you maximize a favorable situation and build trust that will be crucial to your sales success.

Smile! Smile! It doesn’t matter how bad your day is, if you smile, it will make others feel accepted. You will feel happier about your day. To remind yourself of the importance and value of smiling, tape a smiley face on your desk or phone.

The best salespeople use the strategy of telling a joke or telling a funny story to get past a potential customer before they meet them. The joke or story almost makes it seem like they are smiling when they meet with a decision-maker. Smile when you make sales presentations or call for appointments.

Gently shake the hand of your prospect or client. It is a great way to build trust and relationships. This shows your prospects and clients that you are friendly and open to new opportunities. A limp handshake can make a bad impression. You can also make a bad impression by gripping someone’s hand too tightly. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Ask a personal, open-ended question. Open-ended questions are more difficult to answer with “yes” or “no”. Psychologists say that trust is built when people reveal something about themselves.

You should practice asking open-ended questions in order to have a brief period of small talk with prospects (the prospect doing 80%). This will help you build confidence when presenting. People buy from people they trust. People will trust you if they talk about themselves. This will allow them to believe what you have to say later when you discuss their products or services.

Research has shown that the decision to buy or not from a sales representative is made in the first two minutes. Follow the above-mentioned track to make the most out of your first contact and turn every meeting or transaction into a positive juncture of circumstance (a sales opportunity).

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100 Cold Calls are Worth 100 Testimonials

You don’t have to hate cold calling. We often neglect to use one of the most powerful selling components of marketing materials: the words of clients. Many creative people have amazing testimonials from clients. But they don’t use them because they might be too self-promotional or bragging. It’s self-promotional, of course! This is what marketing is all about!

If you’ve completed a project for a client and are happy to capture the moment in the client’s words, it will be easier for potential clients to see the value of your services. Creative businesses need to have testimonials because it’s more difficult for most people to value arts-related products and services. It will make it easier for people to understand your work if they hear others speak about how valuable it was working with you.

Ask your client for a testimonial if she doesn’t respond immediately. It’s okay to ask clients for testimonials. Your potential clients will identify with your testimonials. They should be able to see a tangible goal was achieved. If your testimonials aren’t measurable, they won’t be as persuasive to future clients. All you need to do to get measurable testimonials is ask.

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If you get a testimonial from a client which isn’t quantifiable or doesn’t give a concrete example of how the client has improved since working together, thank him for his kind words and ask him to limit the success to a few specific things that were improved because of your work.

You could respond by saying:

“Thank you for your feedback. It is wonderful to hear about your successes. What specific improvements have you seen in your work together? Did you measure the difference?”

The more concrete the testimonial and the more personal the client speaks, the more persuasive it will be to potential clients and the easier it will be to generate new business.

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