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NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook’s Plan To Break A Billion: “My Mantra Is ‘Why Not?'”

By | May 14, 2023

NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook is on a mission to break an incredible financial milestone – becoming a billionaire. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard is determined to make this a reality with his unwavering dedication and motivation. With his personal mantra being “Why not?”, Westbrook is pushing himself to reach new heights both on and off the court. In this post, we will dive into his financial strategy and explore his road to becoming a member of the exclusive billionaire club.

NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook’s Plan To Break A Billion: “My Mantra Is ‘Why Not?’”


Russell Westbrook is one of the most iconic NBA players in modern history, and he is also one of the most business-savvy individuals in the industry. With a net worth of $375 million, Westbrook has built a financial empire with the help of some of the most successful billionaires and advisors.

In this article, we will dive into the details of Westbrook’s business ventures and explore his path to building a billion-dollar empire.

Westbrook’s Diverse Investments

Russell Westbrook has made several investments over the years, ranging from food and beverages to car dealerships and technology. Westbrook’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to create a streetwear brand, called Honor The Gift, which has gained popularity among the younger generation.

Apart from Honor The Gift, Westbrook has also invested in muscle recovery, social media, and car dealerships. However, he recently sold his stakes in the dealerships to focus on his company, Russell Westbrook Enterprises (RWE).

RWE includes a digital advertising business called RW Digital, which focuses on helping brands reach diverse audiences. Westbrook aims to use his platform to help companies connect with different segments of the population that may not be reached through traditional advertising methods.

Westbrook’s Road to Becoming a Billionaire

Westbrook’s success on the court has propelled his financial success off the court. He has earned more than $336 million in salary and nearly $200 million from endorsements and businesses over his 15-year NBA career.

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Russell Westbrook’s net worth is currently estimated to be $375 million, putting him in the top 14 highest-paid athletes globally. Westbrook has aspirations of becoming a billionaire soon, and with the help of RWE and his sound investments, it is a possibility.

Westbrook’s mantra is, “Why not?” – a phrase that represents his relentless attitude towards achieving his goals. By investing in diverse industries and taking calculated risks, Westbrook hopes to build an empire that will continue to grow for years to come.


  1. What is Westbrook’s net worth?
  • Westbrook’s net worth is estimated to be $375 million.
  1. What industries has Westbrook invested in?
  • Westbrook has invested in food and beverages, muscle recovery, social media, and car dealerships.
  1. What is Honor The Gift?
  • Honor The Gift is a streetwear brand founded by Russell Westbrook.
  1. What is RWE?
  • Russell Westbrook Enterprises (RWE) is the parent company of RW Digital and the focus of Westbrook’s current business ventures.
  1. What is Westbrook’s motto?
  • Westbrook’s motto is, “Why not?” which represents his attitude towards achieving his goals.