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Cold calling is a great way of generating quality leads. It allows you to get in touch with key stakeholders and gatekeepers, giving you valuable insight into their needs and preferences. Cold calling is an art form. Cold calling can seem daunting. It’s hard work and requires a great impression. It is important to do it correctly. Here are some tips to help you achieve this.

1) Keep everything in writing

Every phone call should be recorded. Note any titles and names you learn. You don’t need to know the name of the person that you are trying to reach. It’s important to know the name of your receptionist as they are often gatekeepers. Note when you called and when you said that you would call back.

2) Keep everything in a spreadsheet or database

Excel spreadsheets can be difficult to use and are not easy to manage manually. It’s worth investing in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. There is an alternative that’s cheaper. Microsoft Access was used to create my own database.

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Visit and jobs.mdb to download a 208KB working copy for FREE. To run it, you will need Microsoft Access 2000. It’s not an expert database program, so I can’t speak for you. However, it will get you started. (TIP: To enter the current date, press Ctrl+ ; when you use the database.

3) Always call you back when you say you will

Don’t let them go. You might not remember calling them back. If they don’t, it could mean that you lose your credibility and reputation. When possible, stick to their schedule. They are here to assist them, not make it harder.

TIP FOR COPYWRITERS – If you are an advertising copywriter/website copywriter, speak to the Marketing Manager. (Or if they answer the phone and say they don’t have one, ask for the person responsible for your advertising and website – every business has that person – usually it’s one of the owners).

4) Never stop trying to make friends with gatekeepers

Personal assistants and receptionists can have a great deal of influence and often do more work than the person they are trying to contact. You’ll be able to get in touch with them if you make friends. Don’t waste your time and crawl, they will get a lot!

5) Keep it short and sweet

If you are able to have a conversation with someone, it should be short and sweet. The phone call serves three purposes: to get their attention, get their contact information, assess their needs, and get their permission to speak with them. TIP FOR COPYWRITERS – If you are an advertising copywriter or website writer, you may have called to inquire about brochure writing. Then you find out that they require web writing.

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Do not pressure or make it difficult for people to pick up the phone. Let them know what you do, and ask them if you can send them an email with a link and samples or testimonials to your website.

7) Follow up by sending an email

Always send a follow-up email to those who have given you permission. Make sure your subject line is specific. TIP FOR COPYWRITERS – If you are an advertising copywriter/website copywriter, include the words “advertising Copywriting” or “website Copywriting” in your subject line. This subject line is uncommon and most people won’t receive many emails.

Send the email to them in the following format: The email should be addressed to Joe (e.g. Keep the email brief and to the point. Make it conversational and easy to read. Bold the most important words and phrases. They’ll likely only skim it. Mention any names that you have learned, including a link to your site. If you were given an email address by the receptionist, mention the name of the person you spoke to.

8) Continue the conversation with another call

Follow up with any lead that looks promising. When you follow up, mention the date and time of your original call as well as that you sent an e-mail. You can give a brief summary of your background and activities, and then say you’re calling to verify that they received the email. Most leads will be open to talking to you about your services, even if it’s just to remind them of what you do.

9) Don’t expect too many calls

On a good day, I made around 80 cold calls. You should expect to make around 40 calls on most days. Telephone tag is a favorite pastime.

10) Do not leave a message

Don’t leave messages unless you have to or you are almost done with the lead. People have difficulty returning calls from friends and family; they don’t prioritize receiving calls from strangers trying to sell them something.

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11) Don’t be too optimistic about getting enough leads

Depending on the business you run, if you receive one lead per day, your chances of success are high.

12) Expect a slow conversion

Unfortunately, many leads can take up to 2 years to become reality. You must be patient. Use the media to market your business

Media is powerful. The average person spends a lot of time-consuming it in some form. They will also spend significant amounts of time listening to, looking at, and watching ads. You need to be able to harness the power of the media.

Marketing Tips for Small Business Revenue Growth

You can find two types of advertising in magazines and newspapers: display and classified. Display ads are small ads at the back of the publication. Classified ads are small, and display ads can be as large as a full page.

To find out the charges for advertising in a publication, go to its website (the rate cards section) or call its advertising division. Grab your jaw off the ground. Advertising in print media is expensive. It’s not affordable for home-based businesses.

However, there is an exception: trade and niche magazines. You’ll be amazed at how many magazines are available to fill every niche in the market if you’ve ever walked into a newsagent. It is important to choose the magazine that your customers might be interested in.

If you are a wedding photographer, for example, search for a magazine called “Your Wedding”, “Bride”, or something similar. These magazines are far less expensive than advertising in general-audience publications and will get more responses.

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Radio advertising

There’s a chance that there is a local radio station near you. You might think about buying time once your home business has grown to a reasonable size. The only type of home business that can really benefit from radio advertising to justify the expense is one that deals with cars. Radio is only used for in-car entertainment. This means that most people who see your ads will own cars and might be interested in the products or services you offer. You can get lots of responses if you provide something people actually need, even if it’s free.

This could lead to a too large response. Because radio is sensitive to time, you will be mobbed again the next day. Radio advertising gives the listener no chance to save your ad or refer to it later. Any ads that involve a telephone number will be utterly ineffective.

Advertisement on Television

This would not be a good idea unless your business is growing rapidly. It would be difficult to produce and air an ad on local cable channels, even for less than $10,000. If there is a market for your product, and you have the funds, you can take a chance and make a lot of money.

Home businesses that are unique and useful inventing products with demonstrable benefits tend to be the most successful. Think infomercial. A 60-second advertisement, free phone number and a $19.95 price point are enough to sell almost any product.

Advertisement on Billboards

This one is often overlooked, but it can be extremely effective if done right. Billboard ads can be quite expensive but they are very durable and can be targeted specifically to an area. This will give you the best results if it is placed near enough to your business. It could even say “turn left at next junction”, or something similar. Although phone numbers are useless, you might be able to put a website address there.

Advertisement at the Movies

This is the last one. You might not have noticed that local businesses were advertised before big-budget commercials. This is a great place for advertising inexpensively and in a high-profile manner, especially for take-out food businesses.

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Use t-shirts to market your business

Since the beginning of time, promotional T-shirts have been an integral part of business promotion and marketing. To give clients and potential customers a feeling of belonging, promotional T-shirts can also be given to employees. Promotional T-shirts are not limited to a well-known brand. T-shirts have been used by new businesses to increase awareness about their products, brands, and business.

Giving promotional T-shirts to employees is a great way to brand endorse. T-Shirts can be customized with your company logo and marketing message. If you host a conference, exhibition, or promotional event, it is a great way to endorse your brand. This is an inexpensive way to make your staff stand out from the crowd. It also creates order among your employees in the same manner as a uniform.

Many businesses believe that buying a t-shirt online is too costly. However, they often are wrong. Online shopping for t-shirts is quick and simple. There are many online shops that allow you to design your shirt and pay online.

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Branding T-Shirts with corporate branding can dramatically increase brand awareness in a short time. Apart from obvious marketing benefits, branded T-Shirts, as well as other clothing, can improve customers’ perceptions of your business. Branded T-shirts are a cost-effective marketing tool for many businesses due to their durability and low price.

DTG T-shirt printing is considered more eco-friendly than screen printing. DTG uses water-based inks for direct printing on the clothing. This means there is no extra inks and very little waste. It’s important to note that head cleaning doesn’t involve any other materials than ink.

Printing T-shirts with the DTG method will have almost no impact on the environment, as long as it is properly disposed of. Screen printing can produce excess inks that are not printed on the t-shirt. These inks can be washed away by cleaning the screens.

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