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Inside VC Luke Cooper’s Bet On Black Founders

By | May 1, 2023

Luke Cooper, a venture capitalist, has been tirelessly investing in black entrepreneurs for years. His mission is to provide funding and resources for underrepresented communities, paving the way for a more diverse startup ecosystem. In this blog post, we take a closer look at Luke’s journey, his investment philosophy, and the innovative startups he has supported along the way. Join us as we explore Luke Cooper’s bet on black founders.


In the world of venture capitalism, diversity and inclusion are topics that have gained increasing attention and scrutiny recently. With the realization that many startups founded by individuals from underrepresented communities are overlooked, the industry has made a concerted effort to correct the exclusion. One man on the forefront of this movement is Luke Cooper, a General Partner and Managing Director at the venture capital fund, Latimer Ventures. Cooper’s bet on black founders has caught the attention of many, and in this article, we’re going to take a closer look at his moves.

Luke Cooper and Latimer Ventures

Latimer Ventures, a venture capital fund based in Baltimore, invests in Black founders. The firm is committed to backing Black entrepreneurs and believes that by increasing diversity in the startup industry, it will help create a more equitable future. Cooper and his team are incredibly passionate about this cause and possess a wealth of experience in the industry.

The Milken Institute Global Conference

Cooper recently took a seat with Assistant Managing Editor Diane Brady at the 2023 Milken Institute Global Conference. The video interview, exclusively available for Forbes members, provides insight into the mind of the VC.

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Cooper’s Bet On Black Founders

Cooper’s bet on Black founders is a deliberate and strategic move. In recent years, the investment community has experienced a seismic shift, with an increasing number of investors acknowledging the significant opportunity in funding women and people from underrepresented communities.

Cooper explains that investing in diverse founders is “not a social justice issue,” as many may believe. Still, rather an investment opportunity that can help create significant returns. He highlights that the data shows that diverse teams tend to perform better and have a higher chance of success.

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In support of this idea, Latimer Ventures has unveiled a new initiative to help level the playing field. The initiative, known as the Latimer Black Founder Bootcamp, is a mentorship program designed to provide underrepresented entrepreneurs access to resources and networks that can help their startups succeed.


Luke Cooper’s bet on Black founders is both timely and essential. With startups founded by individuals from underrepresented communities often overlooked in the past, it is now clear that this exclusion has far-reaching impacts. Cooper and his team’s commitment to backing Black entrepreneurs is a significant step in the right direction, and we eagerly await the growth and success of the Latimer Black Founder Bootcamp.


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