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The simplest things are often the most successful in life. Marketers spend a lot time trying to understand consumers and find ways to predict economic trends. There are a million other aspects that can affect success in business. It’s important to remember that not all things are complicated and easy. Let’s take a look at some strategies that could be your key to the success you have been longing for.

1. Keep an eye on your best customers

It would be wonderful if all your customers were like them. …friendly, loyal, and willing to recommend your service to others. You might just find more people like them. Consider it: What makes them so special? What are their common traits? Your marketing campaign should be directed at people just like them. Concentrate on your niche! Your efforts will bring in new customers and increase your profits.

2. Get it done!

Why are we so in hurry? Customers today are running helter-skelter between work, daycare, home and an event back home. They are rushing to get through their lives, while trying to make a profit. What do you think they would value the opportunity to do both in your shop.

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Rethink your advertising campaign to emphasize the time and money your customers will save, as well as the amazing benefits they’ll enjoy from your products. You can offer them specials that will help you save even more money, but they must be done by a certain date. Deliver! Immediately! They will save time and money, and your sales will soar!

3. It’s easy to buy

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key to attracting customers. Which is the most convenient for them? A credit card, phone number, fax, Internet or cold cash? There are many ways to do things. Your customers may not use the same buying methods. It makes sense that customers will be more likely to choose the preferred method if it is available.

Simplicity… it makes life so much simpler. Your harried customers will be busy and tired. They won’t waste their time. They just want to get home and make the purchase. Convenience shops are a good example of how a quick and simple purchase can often be more expensive than a higher price.

4. Follow up

Follow-up with customers who don’t buy can make the difference between a “almost sale” or a loyal customer. Contact them immediately afterward to let them know that the product is still available and provide any additional information they might need.

One of my favourite catalog companies closes the sale with a special purchase that is only available at the time of purchase. Although I am not an impulsive shopper, it does stop me from buying every time. It’s only a once-in-a-lifetime deal, so I carefully consider whether I need or want it before I answer the phone. It may not be as hard as you think to increase your sales volume and profit margin. Try these four tips and see what happens.

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Five Surefire Ways To Increase Sales

The internet has revolutionized the way people do business. Small business owners can reach the global marketplace cheaply today, selling everything from apparel, collectibles to software, services, and coaching.

Sales is the core of any business. While many of the same strategies that are used offline to increase sales can be applied online, not all of them. Everyone can learn quickly and fail quickly online. Even better, you can learn from others’ experiences online and reduce the learning curve by analyzing and tracking what works.

Here are five surefire ways to increase sales

1. Create a solid affiliate program

Don’t expect different results if it’s just another affiliate program. You should focus on creating a solid affiliate program with the resources and tools to help affiliates promote it easily. Affiliates are like clockwork, and should be treated as a group. If you provide them with the right tools to promote the program, they will be more likely to do so.

After a purchase, give customers the option to join the affiliate program. Satisfied customers make the best marketing tools for any business. Spread the word by word of mouth. They are even paid for their efforts.

2. Follow-up after first purchase

Acquiring the first sale is the most difficult task for any business. It is important to ensure that customers’ names and email addresses are not collected from sales. Once you have this information, follow up on existing customers using an automated method such as an autoresponder.

This has been shown to reduce product returns and increase customer satisfaction. Mention a related product every once in awhile. Write a review, and show real results. This promotion is very cost-effective and effective. Affiliate programs can also be used to promote the product.

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3. Use the up-sell method

Before the customer makes payment, ask them to upgrade to a better, larger, or nicer product at a steep discount. The option will be chosen by a certain percentage of customers, which can translate into additional sales almost immediately.

4. Provide discount coupons

Coupons encourage customers to return and shop again. Coupons can be used for advertising or some other forms of joint venture. Customers love knowing that they will get a lower price on what they purchase. Coupons make it real and tangible.

5. Cross-promote other products

This is possible in many ways. It is possible to form a joint venture with competitors or other businesses, provided it results in a win-win situation. You could give away samples of another product, or service as part the package. This promotion can only be considered an added value and not pure advertising, as long as it is relevant to the customer. Although there are many ways to increase sales, the ones listed above have been repeatedly proven to work. Take one step at a time, and then take action. Good luck.

Five Tips to Find Your Core Competencies

Imagine that you were able to tell a potential sales candidate what sales competencies and measures are required. And what levels are needed to succeed in the position. All of these are based upon real performance numbers and average benchmarks. Learn how to cut through the fat of sales activities and determine what qualifies as a ‘Sales Competency.

1) Is it an integral part of your sales mission?

List 10 tasks, routines, and actions that you consider essential to your sales day. Ask yourself this question: Ask yourself: How many of these essential components are necessary for my sales mission? Or are they just ingredients in the dish?

Consider the essential skills of a professional golfer, from the tee-off to your last putt. Is the core competency the club and ball, or the swing and putting stroke? How about a basketball player who has the essential skill of shooting, passing and dribbling?

2) Can it be measured consistently and accurately?

A Core Competency can be defined as a specific entity that is directly related to performance or results. Ask yourself. This can be measured with a pencil, a calculator, or a napkin. Can I write it down on one sheet of paper so that I can evaluate my business’s status? This is the first step. It can be transferred later to the million-dollar automation system. Is it possible to set a benchmark for universal performance that is both realistic and which assures revenue goals, individually and collectively?

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3) Sales recruits will know that you are successful when they can be told during interview the three simple numbers that will guarantee their success.

Are you able to identify the “Key Performance Indicators” in your sales process?

One good KPI in sales is how often you move the first sales appointment from the initial phase to the next, regardless of whether it’s a demonstration or site visit. Another KPI is the number of new customers you acquire after passing the first gateway. What is the average revenue that you earn when you gain a new client? This is a very important KPI. If your average revenue per sales is 40% lower than that of peers, it’s worth investigating and taking focused action to fix it. You could be losing money.

What about the time it takes to sell a product? Do you have any control or is it conditional? You can share best practices with the team if a member of your team has a sales cycle that is 30% shorter than their peer group. You get more results with less time. This makes the ‘Sales Cycle’ a valuable KPI.

Once you know your KPI averages, you can communicate with a sales rep how much activity (new appointments per weeks) is needed to ramp to Quota within a pre-determined time. It’s a “Pre-determined amount in days”. This will reduce the time it takes to get Quota and the hard-dollar cost of Turnover due to low appointment activity. Don’t assume that they will be able to do it all on their own. To help them do the activity consistently and effectively, provide a training system.

4) Is it possible to prove operationally that your business activities are comparable or better than those of your competitors?

Strategie is the what’, and tactics the how. You will be more tactically effective if you have superior operational effectiveness than your peers or competitors. This is akin to a football game. In fundamentals such as “Blocking” and “Tackling”, the winning team is almost always better than their opponent.

5) Are you able to apply “Timely Training” and “Powerful Routines” around each core competency?

Although we know what training is, do we really understand why it fails? Timely Training means having the right structures to learn and apply, as well as defining short-term goals, measuring results, working closely with qualified trainers, and providing support and follow up. The most important thing is that there must be an organizational commitment. Keep your eyes on one core competency until you achieve a benchmark result. Do not move on until you have achieved your benchmark result. The most powerful routines can be linked to selling scenarios. They allow you to get to the bottom of every situation and then cover them all to ensure that you have the greatest success.

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Five Tips to Closing a Consulting Deal

Consultants lose deals that they shouldn’t have. There are many reasons for this. Consultants lose deals, even if their portfolio isn’t great. This could be because they don’t listen well or speak poorly to communicate the services that they can offer and how they would help clients achieve their goals. These are some tips to help you market your services.

Consultants believe that speaking the truth is their greatest skill. Speaking well is an art, not a science. You won’t be awarded the contract if you don’t communicate effectively how your services will benefit the client.

Be Reflective Before You React

When asked a question, it is human nature to answer the first thing that comes up. Think about the best answer for your client. This will demonstrate that you are thoughtful and take time to think about your clients’ needs. This will be appreciated by your clients. It is not always the best reaction.

Superstar: Keep It Simple

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Your client may not know all the details of your business. Talk to them at their level and not yours. Talk to them on their level and get straight at the point. Your client will be more likely to hire your services if they understand what you can do. You can’t make them believe you know the industry, so you will lose them and their contract. It may be that you need to stand up when speaking with a potential client over the phone. Standing allows people to get straight to their point.

Let the client speak

To learn the best way to position yourself, get to know your client and ask questions. Asking questions helps you to gain a better understanding of your client’s needs and makes them feel like they are part of the solution. You can reflect on the value you have to offer your potential client.

A Little Enthusiasm Goes A Long Way

Clients feel passionate about their work. If you demonstrate enthusiasm and passion about helping them find the solution they seek, they will be more likely to follow you. Enthusiasm can open doors for you.

Let’s get personal

You will be able to work well with clients if you have the experience and the watchful eye. If you treat all clients the same, your schedule will be full of projects. Clients say certain things for a reason. If they tell you that they cannot talk because they are busy getting ready for Bobby’s party on Saturday, then on your next call, ask casually how it went. Don’t ask questions and don’t give them balloons. Asking casually about the party shows that you are attentive to details. You will be better prepared to start the conversation by knowing how successful the party was.

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