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A successful business relies on PR. In order for PR to work, you must trust more than your instincts and friendship when choosing a PR company. Public relations is about communication and steering a company towards realistic goals. You must be aware of a few key and tangible issues. It is not possible to manage PR by the firm alone. PR requires a partnership between the PR professionals and you. Your input will be invaluable to the PR company. Your role is to provide accurate and current information, check and advise on material created by the firm, and work with the PR team to develop ideas. PR can only succeed if the foundation is clear.

How To Get Media Attention for Your Business

1. You must be familiar with the PR strategies that they will use to achieve your goals.

2. It is important that the PR company has kept up-to-date its systems in order to keep abreast of all media and communications developments.

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3. Your company should have a thorough understanding of your business and be able to provide you with the best strategic and tactical support.

4. Find out if the staff members assigned to your project have both experience and expertise. Learn about their successes as well as their failures.

5. Determine if they are able to reach your target market comfortably and if you can quantify their value.

6. Examine the proposals they have made for your project, and then use your deep knowledge of your market and business to decide if this is a good fit.

7. An experienced PR firm will not hesitate in disagreeing with you about any aspect of your plan that they don’t agree with. They are familiar with the details of their business and can tell you what works.

8. It is not enough to have regular meetings. There should also be frequent interaction and reviews of work done and the results.

9. Contracts should be transparent and clear, with no hidden clauses. A system must be in place for the PR firm to clearly understand and outline its responsibilities in a contract.

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10. Make sure you verify their credentials and testimonials. Look through their case studies and research their market standing to see if they are effective.

According to the Counselors Academy of the Public Relations Society of America, the best definition of a PR relationship can be found here. According to the Counselors Academy of the Public Relations Society of America, “A successful relationship between client, public relations firm, or counselor must have as a foundation: a match in capabilities and needs; a 100% agreement about objectives; full information sharing; interaction at all levels; regular updates and progress reviews; and a clear contractual contract.”

Today’s media environment is full of bimboism. Those who get their fifteen minutes of fame waste it with empty words or stupid antics. Consider how much time you waste reading magazines, newspapers, and listening to radio. If the story isn’t relevant to your interests, or the interviewee is boring, how long can you keep watching? It’s easy for you to get distracted by all the other stories out there.

Here are three things you should avoid if you don’t wish to be the next bimbo, but instead want to touch the hearts and minds of the nation.

1. Give a fatty bony bone.

Rambling is the fastest way to lose your audience’s attention. If you don’t communicate your message clearly, your audience will tune out. They either change their channel or shift their focus. Keep your audience engaged by focusing on the important points. You should give them value for every second of your speech. Get rid of all unnecessary fat, and get down to the core of your gifts.

2. Be a professor.

My experience is that people with the highest education are the most boring. They use the jargon of their profession or training to communicate long sentences and obscure ideas. Simplicity is key to effective communication. My favorite client, syndicated technology columnist Larry Magid, national correspondent for KCBS News, is an exception.

He can transform even the most complex ideas into Zen gardens. He places each word stone at the right spot at the right moment to create order, simplicity and understanding. Larry’s example will help you to plant your own garden. Don’t be a high-flying guru by making your knowledge unavailable to the masses.

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3. Praise the Lord.

Preaching will make people hate you. I don’t know if it is me, but I rebel when told what to do. It’s easy to resist when you get attached to an idea or try to force it on someone. People sense when you have an agenda. Your audience will be more open to your ideas and you if you aren’t attached to any particular outcome. Let them make their own decisions based on the information that you provide. Offers and insights from the heavens to tempt them.

7 Tips To Become A Star Tv Guest

Here’s how one expert made an impact on CNN’s Paula Zahn Now. And here’s how you can too. New York-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Kotler reached out to Paula Zahn Now on CNN to arrange an appearance. This is what happened next.

1. With the producer, map the segment

One of the bookers referred me to an associate producer. He did a quick screening, then put me in touch with a producer. We discussed the subject matter for the interview over several phone calls. NOTE: After you have passed the audition with a booker, you are passed on to an associate (or another less senior) producer. You will often be asked to screen by producers at higher levels after your first audition. Once you are selected, you can start creating a segment together.

2. The producer can help shape the segment

My recently published book, THE SECRETS FROM A BEVERLY ILLS COSMETIC SURGEON, The Expert’s Handbook to Safe, Successful Surgery, was the backbone of the spot. We had discussed with the associate producer what I considered to be the important consumer issues. For example, how to choose a properly trained surgeon as well as how to ensure that the facility where the surgery will be performed is appropriately credentialed. There is also the matter of anesthesia specialists at the patient’s disposal to ensure comfort and safety. Those are the key gems for the consumer-reader-viewer.

NOTE: Zahn’s audience is concerned by the issues that Robert selects. He adapts his ideas to fit her show. You can suggest great segments. Don’t be afraid to suggest alternatives. It is important to be a proactive guest and know your material. You should be sensitive to the producer’s attachment to your idea.

3. Expect the unexpected

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The segment’s focus was different from what I expected. Paula Zahn is as charming, smart, and attractive off-camera than on. She was an engaging and friendly interviewer. Paula’s questioning got me uncomfortable, and it was hard to remember which celebrities had done what. They showed me photos of selected celebrities and asked me to comment.

TIP: Be prepared for anything. This is a common tactic used by TV shows. Robert might not have accepted to be their expert if they had revealed what they planned ahead of time. They led him to believe they would only focus on the most important issues. They may have intended to cover the topic, but decided to change their minds at the last moment. They may not have had time or felt it necessary to notify their guest about show changes.

Talk show hosts are skilled at making you feel comfortable. They have the responsibility of making you feel comfortable and credible. Nervous guests don’t make a good impression. One common tactic is to make you feel comfortable and then ask a question that will get a candid answer. This makes for great television. Always be prepared. Be open and honest while still sticking to your talking points.

4. Preparing your answers is key to bridging the gap

Although I had received professional guesting coaching and knew how to redirect questions, I chose to follow the trail of questions Paula asked. It was clear that this interview would be light, which was not surprising. It wasn’t unpleasant or distasteful, but it felt redundant and wasteful of audience members’ time. I believe the public deserves more information than a review of Joan Rivers’ ultra-raised eyebrows and Michael Jackson’s nose fragment.

Although I didn’t expect to write a book review, I felt that viewers would be interested in learning how to avoid bad outcomes from surgery.

I would have said to the viewers: If smart and wealthy people can have so bad cosmetic surgery, then how can the average citizen prevent it? It was not an informative session, and it was a little too fluffy. I considered that a missed opportunity. It is entertainment, even though it does say Cable NEWS Network (italics mine). Show business. Always be aware of this. I simply rolled with it and had a lot of fun.

NOTE: Although the show was looking for a sexy celebrity angle to the story, Robert could have emphasized the important information with a phrase like “Mistakes can happen” which would have included a quote that said, “Mistakes can happen even to celebrities like Michael Jackson.” You can prevent them from happening to you. And then, he could have covered the important points that he wanted to emphasize such as the importance a good anesthesiologist.

5. Follow the host’s example and you will earn your points

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Yes, I could have diverted conversation and tried to express my opinion, but you must weigh the benefits of that route and the possibility of being disapproved by the program. Or, just following the flow knowing that I am just there and seeing the cover of the book on screen is sufficient for my purposes of promotion. NOTE: Balance the information between what the host wants and your own desires. This will satisfy both you and the host. You can make everyone happy by transitioning gracefully. Take a few moments to respond to their question, then take a few minutes to concentrate on your point.

6. Your product will be promoted by the host of the show

Unexpectedly, appearing on the program had the added benefit of the interview segment being promoted throughout the day. The repetition of my name throughout was an advantage that cannot be ignored. Each hourly announcement was a free advertisement to me. I was very happy.

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Bottom line: Regardless of whether you are alive or dead, or if the interview is good, it is worth being a guest on a national televised interview. It is also a great experience that will be remembered by those who are not in the media industry. Producers liked the segment, and it’s their show.

Note: In an effort to maximize their time on air, guests often become too promotional. If you promote your products or yourself, you won’t get invited back. You should know ahead of time where your product will appear on the show. The host will do all the promotion. Your job is not to promote the cause or product.

Before the show and when your booking has been confirmed, request that your 800#, website, etc. be displayed. This is known as a chyron. Be aware that not all shows allow this. Also, ask how your product will be displayed on the show. In the unlikely event that they lose the product you sent, always bring your product. This will ensure your product gets the attention it deserves. You can even make interactive scenes with your product that are funny and entertaining.

7. Recognize the success and suggest a new segment

My 87-year old parents also thought I looked great on television. They were very pleased with my tie and suit selection. Everyone was happy.

TIP: Do not make your parents proud. You can build credibility with your family, competitors, clients, and on other national programs. You can also increase your exposure by calling other talk shows to suggest a different angle on the subject you have just covered. You can also propose a new segment while you are in the studio. When everyone is satisfied with your appearance, it is the right time to pitch a segment. You should try to get a date.

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