Frequently asked questions

We get lots of questions from investors, On this page, we've set out the ones that get asked most often.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, our team is ready and waiting to help you.

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A. Creating an Account & Account Settings

How do I reset my password?

Please visit our password-reset page and enter your email address to receive a link via email to reset your password.

If you still need further assistance in requesting a new password, please get in touch with one of our support team today by calling +44(0)1183245371 (Option 1).

I am being asked to change my password, why is this?

As part of our efforts to improve security for investors we are ensuring that all investor passwords meet a minimum standard.

Register as an investor

How do I set up an Account / Register?

In order to start investing click here to register. We will need to take a few details, confirm your identity and secure your account. If you require any assistance setting up your account, please contact our customer service desk on +44(0)1183245371 (Option 1).

I need to change my surname to my married name. Do I need to send in my marriage certificate?

Yes. We require a copy of your marriage certificate. Please send a scanned copy of the document(s) to

I have moved address. What documents do I need to provide you with?

You can contact us via email, we make this change for you. However, if you want to make this change via email you will need to provide a scanned copy of one of the following documents, showing your new address:

• A Bank Statement or Utility Bill (not mobile phone), dated within the last 3 months and that has been received in the post

• Driving Licence

Please send the document(s) to

B. Protecting your investment

I have failed my registration. What documents do I need to provide you with?

We will require Proof of Address and Proof of Identity. We can accept scanned copies of the following documents:

  • Proof of Address: A Bank Statement or Utility Bill (not mobile phone), within the last 3 months and that has been received in the post
  • Proof of Identity: Driving Licence or Passport

Please send the documents to

Where is investor money held?

Any monies transferred to our platform, but not invested/traded are held in a designated client money account in accordance with FCA rules. This account is “ring-fenced” from Avigo Capital’s own money and is protected in the event that anything should happen to Avigo Capital, safeguarding clients’ funds. The account is held with Barclays Bank.

C. Starting to invest

Is there a limit to the amount of funds that can be deposited onto the platform?

No, any amount of funds can be deposited.

Do I need to deposit funds into the Self-Directed Trading Account (SDTA) when setting up ‘Buy Instructions’ manually?

Yes, you must ensure that in addition to setting ‘Buy Instructions’ you also deposit funds into the Self-Directed Trading Account (SDTA) so your 'Buy instructions' can purchase available trade parts.

Are there any maximum investment limits in any of the accounts on the platform?

Yes, the current maximum direct investment per person for 30 Day Access Account (30DAA) can be found on the relevant investment account pages.

There are no limits on any other investment accounts or the Cash Account.

Will the funds sitting in my Cash Account be automatically used by the Self-Directed Trading Account (SDTA)?

No, any funds on the platform sat outside the Self-Directed Trading Account (SDTA) will not automatically be used by the SDTA, e.g. money in the Cash Account or any of the other accounts.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount on the Avigo Capital platform is £1000. We encourage manual investors to consider spreading their risk by diversifying their money across as many trade/investment as possible.

How do I calculate my tax liability?

Any interest earned from any trade is treated as investment income by the tax man. The return you receive on your investment with Avigo Capital is paid gross; no tax is deducted.  Our investors are responsible for the payment of any tax due of them to HM Revenue & Customs.  Tax will be payable at your marginal rate.

We are not able to offer specific tax advice, so we recommend that you consult a tax adviser if you are uncertain about the treatment of your investment returns.

How do I deposit/move funds into the Self-Directed Trading Account (SDTA)?

To deposit funds into the Self-Directed Trading Account (SDTA) you can either send funds directly to it by following the instructions on the Manage Funds page, or if you already have funds on the platform in your Cash Account you can click on the 'Start Investing' button on the SDTA, which will allow you to transfer in funds. Only funds from your Cash Account can be transferred in.

Some of our accounts offer ‘Target Capped interest ’. This means the account is aiming to achieve a maximum advertised return.

How do I manually browse trade opportunities?

With Avigo Capital, you have the choice to use our automated investment accounts or to manually browse trade opportunities to hand-pick your portfolio. To see all of our current trade available for manual selection, please visit the ‘Self-Directed Trading Account’ section of your account dashboard.


How can I set up my Avigo Capital ISA?

You may set up your ISA by registering for an Avigo Capital account here:

Existing Avigo Capital account holders may log into their account and choose the ‘ISA’ option on your Dashboard page. You will need to have your National Insurance Number to hand to complete the process.

E. Refer a friend

How do I refer a friend?

If you’ve met the above criteria, you will see a ‘Refer a Friend’ tab in your dashboard.  In this section you will find your unique referral code that's required at the start of your friend’s registration process to qualify for the scheme.

How you make the referral is up to you. Pass on your code directly or use our automated email service with the option to personalise your message.

Can I refer my friends and family to Avigo Capital?

All of our investors, who have completed their registrations and invested on our platform will be able to refer friends and family to our platform.  The ‘Refer a Friend’ feature will be made available to investors as soon as they have met these criteria

How much will I earn by referring a friend?

Once your referral has met the criteria of the scheme you will receive your £75 bonus straight into your cash account on the 14th day of the following month, subject to terms and conditions.

How long is my referral code valid for?

Your unique referral code will be activated at the start of your referral’s registration process, it will then be valid 60 days.  In order for you both to qualify for the refer a friend scheme your referral must have met all the criteria within 60 days.  Avigo Capital reserve the right to withdraw the scheme at any time, however you will be given 30 days' notice before your code will no longer be in use.

Can I request an update from your customer service team?

Whilst our customer service team are always happy to help, we are limited to the details we’re able to provide.  If your referral has given their consent for you to track their progress, we will be able to provide updates on their status, however the same information will be available via your dashboard.

F. Bereavement

I’m not sure if there was a balance on the account and therefore do not know whether I need to submit grant of probate. What do I do?

Once we have received the other documents outlined on the above form, we can inform you of the balance of the deceased’s holdings. At this point, you can then request grant of probate if required. 

My loved one has recently passed away and I believe they had an account with you. What do we do now?

We’re sorry to hear of your loss however we’ll aim to make this as easy as we can. To start with, we’d ask you to fill out the Bereavement Form by speaking to our Bereavement Team on: 

If I choose to have the funds liquidated, how quickly will they be released?

Once all documents have been received and reviewed, liquidation will begin immediately thereafter and payments to the nominated bank account will be made on a quarterly basis. for investment, liquidation could be complete within the first quarter  Please contact our Bereavement Team if you would like us to explain how this works in more detail. 

If I choose to have the account transferred into my name, will this merge with my existing account?

No – the deceased’s account will be separate however we will change the personal/contact/log-in details to suit your needs. 

G. Withdrawal

How long do withdrawals take?

Typically, withdrawal requests may take up to 2 working days to be processed providing you already have already set up your withdrawal account.

How do I withdraw funds?

You can withdraw your funds by completing the ‘Withdraw Funds’ boxes on the ‘Manage Funds’ page.

H. Avigo Capital Investment Accounts

How do the Avigo Investment Accounts work?

The Avigo Investment Accounts offer investors an easy way to invest through our platform, without having to spend time manually managing their trades selection.