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EXCLUSIVE: How Tony Hsieh’s Friends And Family Milked Millions In His Drug-Fueled Final Months

By | April 26, 2023

Welcome to this exclusive blog post where we uncover the unsettling truth behind the last days of Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos. In this article, we will delve into how his inner circle took advantage of his vulnerability during his drug-fueled months leading up to his untimely death. Through our investigation, we have uncovered the shocking extent to which his friends and family milked millions from Hsieh’s riches. Stay tuned and be prepared to be surprised by what we reveal.

The recent news that Tony Hsieh, the acclaimed CEO of Zappos, passed away due to a house fire in November 2020 has shaken the tech industry. However, what’s even more shocking is the revelation that his friends and family members allegedly milked millions in his drug-fueled final months. David Jeans and Angel Au-Yeung’s book named “Wonder Boy” documents the story of Hsieh’s life, and it has brought his story to the forefront. In this article, we will discuss the shocking details of the book and its content in-depth.

What Does the “Wonder Boy” Book Say About Tony Hsieh’s Life?
The Forbes journalists David Jeans and Angel Au-Yeung wrote the book “Wonder Boy” that documents the life, legacy, and sad demise of Tony Hsieh. According to the book, Hsieh’s final months were spent in a drug-induced haze, and his friends, family, and personal assistant allegedly exploited him to drain millions of dollars from his fortune.

The book offers an insight into Hsieh’s rise to fame and success from his early days at Harvard to his eventual stint at Zappos, where he revolutionized the e-commerce industry. The book also delves into Hsieh’s background and his upbringing, which had a considerable impact on his professional career.

Shocking Revelations About Tony Hsieh’s Life
The “Wonder Boy” book reveals that Hsieh’s final months were spent in a self-destructive and drug-fueled haze. According to the book, Hsieh spent a considerable amount of time indulging in nitrous oxide-filled parties, psychedelic experiments, and even a bizarre mental health session in India.

The book also highlights how Hsieh’s friends and family, who he had generously helped throughout his life, took advantage of his vulnerable state to milk millions of dollars from his wealth. The authors have documented several personal accounts of Hsieh’s associates that describe the goings-on during Hsieh’s final months. The revelations are as shocking as they are disturbing.

‘Wonder Boy’ Book Challenges the Myth of Happiness in Silicon Valley
Apart from the heartbreaking story of Tony Hsieh, the book also aims to challenge the myth of happiness that surrounds the tech industry. Hsieh’s life and death are an eye-opener to the darker side of Silicon Valley and the high-octane performance-driven corporate culture that rules it. The book questions the price of success and highlights the importance of mental health in a cut-throat professional environment.

Forbes Talks With the Authors on the “Wonder Boy” Book
Forbes Talks, which is a series of videos featuring Forbes’ premium journalism, recently featured David Jeans and Angel Au-Yeung discussing their book, “Wonder Boy.” The authors talk about the making of the book, their insights into Hsieh’s life, and the revelations that shocked the world. Forbes Talks gives members access to exclusive events, premium content, and the chance to engage with Forbes journalists

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Tony Hsieh’s story is both tragic and disturbing, and it highlights the dark side of success. The “Wonder Boy” book documents the shocking revelations about Hsieh’s final months, and the greed of his friends and family. Forbes, with its coverage of entrepreneurship, wealth, technology, business, and lifestyle, offers readers access to premium content and journalistic output like the “Wonder Boy” book.


  1. Where can I purchase “Wonder Boy” book?
    You can purchase the “Wonder Boy” book from various platforms, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the official website of the publisher St. Martin’s Press.

  2. What is Forbes Talks?
    Forbes Talks is a series of videos featuring Forbes’ premium journalism, where guests discuss a range of topics, including business, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and more.

  3. What do David Jeans and Angel Au-Yeung discuss on Forbes Talks?
    David Jeans and Angel Au-Yeung discuss their book, “Wonder Boy,” and talk about their insights into the life and legacy of Tony Hsieh, the book’s subject.

  4. What kind of content does Forbes offer?
    Forbes offers coverage on entrepreneurship, wealth, technology, business, and lifestyle, along with access to exclusive events and premium journalism through membership.

  5. What myth does the “Wonder Boy” book challenge?
    The “Wonder Boy” book challenges the myth of happiness in Silicon Valley and questions the price of success in the cut-throat corporate culture that rules it.