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EXCLUSIVE: Grammarly CEO Talks Russia Suspension, The Risk Of Training ChatGPT, And More | Forbes

By | May 20, 2023

Welcome to my latest blog post where we’ll be taking a closer look at the recent suspension of Grammarly in Russia, as well as a conversation with the CEO regarding the company’s stance on the matter. We’ll also delve into the potential risks associated with using chatbots to train AI language models. This exclusive interview with the Grammarly CEO promises to be an insightful read for anyone interested in language technology. Let’s dive in!

EXCLUSIVE: Grammarly CEO Talks Russia Suspension, The Risk Of Training ChatGPT, And More | Forbes


The world of AI-assisted writing has been revolutionized by companies like Grammarly. The software has helped millions of writers improve their written communication through its real-time grammar and spell-check tools. With the recent news of the suspension of Grammarly’s services in Russia, questions have arisen about the future of the company. To address these concerns, Rahul Roy Chowdhury, the new CEO of Grammarly, sat down for an exclusive interview with Forbes.

Why Rahul Took Over and the Suspension in Russia

As the new CEO, Rahul Roy Chowdhury shared his vision for Grammarly’s future. He explained that the company has grown rapidly in the past, and he saw tremendous potential to continue that growth. However, he also acknowledged the recent suspension of Grammarly’s services in Russia was a setback. He explained that the suspension was not due to any issues with the software itself, but rather due to regulations in that country. Nevertheless, Grammarly is working on resolving the issue to restore service in Russia as soon as possible.

ChatGPT and The Need for AI Legislation

During the interview, Rahul also discussed some of the risks posed by AI, specifically the training of programs like ChatGPT, which could potentially disrupt the work of software companies like Grammarly. He highlighted the importance of AI legislation to ensure that companies are working within ethical and legal boundaries. This issue is particularly relevant given the vast amounts of data collected and used by Grammarly to improve its algorithms and better serve its customers.

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Grammarly and Writing Assistance

Grammarly is a software company that has revolutionized the world of writing assistance. The software’s real-time grammar and spellcheck tools are used by millions of writers every day. Grammarly’s algorithms are built to learn from users’ writing patterns and offer suggestions on how to improve their style and clarity. With a wide range of customization options, Grammarly can be tailored to the specific needs of different users and industries.

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In conclusion, Grammarly’s new CEO, Rahul Roy Chowdhury, has a clear vision for the company and its future growth potential. In addition, he is aware of the challenges posed by AI and the need for responsible use of such technology. Despite the recent suspension of services in Russia, Grammarly remains committed to its mission of offering high-quality writing assistance to users across the globe.

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. What is Grammarly, and how does it work?
    • Grammarly is a software company that provides writing assistance through real-time grammar and spellcheck. Their algorithms learn from users’ writing patterns to offer specific suggestions for improving their style and clarity.
  2. What is the recent news about Grammarly’s services in Russia?
    • The services have been suspended in Russia due to regulations in the country.
  3. Who is Rahul Roy Chowdhury, and why did he take over Grammarly?
    • Rahul Roy Chowdhury is Grammarly’s new CEO, and he took over the company because he saw tremendous potential for growth.
  4. What is ChatGPT, and why is it a potential risk to Grammarly?
    • ChatGPT is a program that can be trained to replicate human-like responses. It is a potential risk to Grammarly because it could disrupt the company’s work by competing with its software.
  5. What is Forbes Talks, and what benefits does it offer to subscribers?
    • Forbes Talks is a series of exclusive interviews and events with leading thinkers across various industries. Subscribers get access to premium journalism content, members-only events, premium videos, an ad-light experience, early product access, and more.