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Your brain makes hundreds of assumptions when you listen to customers, co-workers, spouses, or significant others. Every word, every inflection and every tone of voice are interpreted. However, not all interpretations will be as intended. According to research, 2/3 of employees believe that management isn’t listening. Yes, we all believe that we can listen. However, very few people can truly listen. We can get distracted from a conversation because we are eager to help and prepare for the answer, even though the other person is still speaking. After a brief pause, we take a deep breath and jump in to help or improve the situation.

We worry about answering intelligently a question we are not capable of answering. What will be the outcome? Are we able to answer appropriately? What happens if I’m asked a question that I don’t know the answer? What if I don’t understand the question? What happens if they discover that I am new to the job/on this equipment/at this company What if they start to get mad at me? What if they get frustrated? What if they aren’t listening? We can be anywhere, but we must listen to each other.

We have good intentions. We are trying to provide the best answer we can and hopefully the right one. If we don’t participate in the conversation, it can make the other person feel unimportant, not heard, or ripped off. It doesn’t matter if there wasn’t any upset. The truth is that if you don’t listen to your customer, you won’t be able to answer their question. You probably haven’t heard the question.

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Effective Business Communication Skills to Manage People

Listening is one of the most neglected and least useful communication skills. Great customer service professionals are great listeners. We need to be active listeners and not just think about what we will say. Although many people use the words interchangeably, hearing and listening are two different things. Hearing is a physiological process in which auditory impressions are transmitted from your brain to your ears.

Listening is about understanding and interpreting the meaning of sensory experiences. Listening is derivated from ‘list’, which can be translated as to lean towards one side. Did you notice how you lean in to someone talking to you? Even while on the phone. Listening is a winning strategy. It is not enough to listen. You must communicate to others that you are listening. People sometimes don’t believe you’re listening, but you aren’t communicating that you are listening.

Six Things You can Do to Set a New Standard for Excellence

Here are six steps you can take in order to keep raising your standards of excellence. These steps will help you stand out and be noticed and achieve greater success and satisfaction. My wife recognized that it was time to replace our hot-water heater and called our plumber to set up an appointment. At 11:11 a.m., she made the call. Lori asked the agent if she would be available between one to three. The agent answered “Today.”

A strange sound was heard coming from our furnace. Another call was made. The problem was quickly solved and another appointment was made. (Aren’t you surprised that the furnace company and the plumbing company share the same owner?)

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My wife suffered a problem with her knee earlier this week. After seeing our family doctor, she was referred for a knee specialist, who is considered to be one of the top in Indianapolis. I was afraid for her when she called to make an appointment. Instead, she got an appointment in 24 hours. I’m assuming that you will be reading each story as you go. We were pleasantly surprised by the level of service we received. This level of service should be standard, but it isn’t. Most of us have had to lower our expectations based on our experience.

The Good News

These examples show that standing out is possible. People will notice when you are great. People will praise you when your work is outstanding. This applies to us individually, professionally, and as an organisation. Here are six steps you can take in order to keep raising your standards of excellence. These steps will help you stand out and be noticed and achieve greater success and satisfaction.

What You Can Do

1. Check your performance. Talk to your family members, coworkers and customers. Ask them how they are feeling about your ability to meet their expectations. Listen to what they have to say. Do not justify or blame others for your performance. Listen.

2. Be clear about what they are looking for. Ask your customers or the people you serve to get their opinion. Listen to what they want, need, and hope.

3. Decide the standard you desire. Keep in mind that they may have different expectations based on past experience. While you should take their suggestions and feedback into consideration, it is up to you to decide the level of excellence that you desire. You can set the bar as high as you want.

4. Over-promise and under-deliver. The first three steps will increase awareness and raise expectations. You can achieve your goal by taking small steps to improve your standards. Promises should be based on your actual capacity and not your greatest wish. Promise, deliver more and then increase the level of your promise the next time. Slow and steady wins the race. It won’t take too long to make your friends and colleagues jealous. This will raise your standards and increase the trust you have in others.

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5. Asking “What’s not great?” will allow you to continue improving your delivery and standards. This question can be asked of you, your team, and any other interested parties.

6. Measure performance. You have set new standards. You can only reach and maintain these standards by measuring your performance against them. This may be quite simple or very complex depending on what standards you have set. Do not make measuring more complicated than is necessary. But, remember to measure.

These steps are clearly useful in serving customers better. These steps are not only applicable to customer service but also can be used in other areas of your daily life. It is time to raise the bar. It is time to set new standards. They won’t rise by themselves, we have to raise them consistently and consciously. These steps will assist you in taking that conscious action.

Customer Relationship Management for a Higher Level of Customer Service

Businesses of all sizes and budgets depend on customer retention, customer relationships enhancements and customer acquisition for their success and profitability. This is also known as Customer Relationship Management (or CRM). CRM refers to the management of all customer interactions and business transactions.

Customer Relationship Management’s main purpose is to help businesses manage their customers better by introducing reliable processes and systems that allow them to interact with customers. Good CRM programs help businesses acquire new customers and provide excellent customer service. A good CRM program can help you retain customers and determine which customers are best served.

CRM is a complex combination of enterprise strategies, business processes and information technologies. It helps businesses to develop stronger relationships with customers to achieve greater results. In the late 1990s, customer relations management consisted mainly of an index file, an answering system, and a phone. An Excel spreadsheet is one example of a modern CRM system. CRM systems typically include email and/or postal mail, marketing campaigns and contact manager programs. Sales tracking programs and multi-media contact centers or voice mail systems are also included.

An effective CRM strategy is more than just installing and integrating software. It involves a wider approach that includes modifying business processes to meet customer needs, training employees, adopting appropriate IT software and IT services that enable firms to track their CRM strategies. A good CRM software will help you run your business. It allows you to store all of your customer records in one central location, which is accessible by everyone. The systems are used by front-line offices to collect customer data for processing at the data warehouse. Orders are tracked and filled, and sales data can be analyzed.

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Poor data quality is one of the leading causes of customer relationship management systems failure. This can easily be avoided. CRM systems can only be as useful as the information they provide. CRM data quality can be applied to the old saying, “garbage in and garbage out”.

You can ensure high quality CRM data quality by accurately entering the data. Double-check data entries to avoid duplicates. If there are errors in the data or incomplete information, contact the customer again to verify the data. This does not make customers angry, but it makes them appreciate the extra customer service.

Customer service done right

Do you insist on receiving excellent customer service? Are you a consistent provider of exceptional services to your customers? You have probably been disappointed in some way by a salesperson or an internet hosting company, a hair stylist, or any of the thousands of service providers. Customer service is not the same in many areas, such as retail. There is great potential where customer service is poor. Continue reading to learn more.

Let’s suppose you work in a field that provides only average service to customers. Perhaps customer expectations are low, and customers don’t expect top-notch service. Perhaps customers are just price-sensitive and don’t care as much about the quality of your service. You can bet there are customers who value service above and beyond what is expected. These customers will often pay more for services that are truly tailored to their needs. You can create a niche and increase your profits by tapping into this customer base.

You could charge a premium between 10 and 25% depending on your industry. Although it may not seem like much, this could make the difference between eating a steak or a hamburger. I don’t know if you agree, but I would rather eat steak. You will need to work hard to provide excellent customer service. It is possible to redo the entire process. To satisfy a high-paying customer, you may need to improve or redo an existing project. This is what makes you stand out from the rest. It’s fine to be content with the status quo. You can’t expect customers to knock on your door asking for work. The better customers won’t, at least not for long!

Customer Service for Businesses

Good customer service is essential when you start a business. Food concessions are no exception. It’s important to be friendly with customers and build a relationship with them because it’s much more difficult to build a loyal clientele for a mobile food vending company.

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Three reasons are important to ensure that your employees understand the importance of customer service. First, customers will return if they are treated with kindness. A second reason is that customers will refer your business to others if they are satisfied with the customer service. Good customer service is the last reason to excel in customer service. Your business will be remembered for providing exceptional customer service.

Customers are an important part of any business. Great customer service will result in repeat customers. Customers who return time and again should be treated with respect. This will encourage repeat customers to return to your establishment. Contrary to popular belief, customers will not return if they don’t like a business. If the customer has a terrible experience, they will probably never return to you again. You will most likely see the customer again even if there is a mistake in an order.

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Great customer service also makes for great advertising. Customers will not only be loyal to you, but will also recommend your business to their friends. This is great as a happy customer will seek out ways to get their friends to try your business. The cycle of success continues once friends have tried your food or service. They will tell their friends and return. This has the downside that poor customer service will spread faster than a positive report. This will impact how potential customers view your business. It’s difficult to convince people to try your food once you have a bad reputation.

Excellent customer service is the last reason. There isn’t much good customer service anymore, so your business will be unique. Do everything you can to make your business stand apart. This is a great way to make your business stand out. Good customer service has suffered for years in all industries. It’s a fantastic opportunity to become a leader in customer service in any industry.

You will never please every customer. This is the one customer that you will never please, no matter how hard you try. This customer is no longer important. Treat your loyal customers as family and give them the best possible experience. Good customer service and delicious food can help you build any type of business.

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