Avigo Capital values the views of its clients and we are always pleased to receive feedback and hear your thoughts.  You can provide your feedback through your normal Avigo Capital contact.  We will listen to your views and use them to help shape future improvements to our offering.

Sometimes though, you may need to contact us about a situation where you feel that something quite serious has happened and you want to complain.  While we do our best to offer you a robust and high-quality service, we accept that things can go wrong.  If that does happen, we’d like to hear from you so that we can try to put things right.

How to complain:

You are able to make a complaint through your normal Avigo Capital contact just by speaking to them and explaining the situation.  That person will take the details of the issue you have encountered and we will begin to deal with your complaint.

If you prefer, you can provide us with details of your complaint by e-mail. 


By post:

Avigo Capital, Brunel House, Firecrest Court, Centre Park, Warrington, WA1 1RG

Please include the following information so that we can start investigating your complaint as promptly as possible:

  • Your name (as it appears on our systems) and details of how we may best contact you
  • What your complaint is about
  • A description of what happened, and when
  • Any losses you believe you may have suffered
  • What you think we could do to put things right

Please be careful not to send by e-mail any confidential information which might compromise the security of your account.

When we receive your complaint, we will begin our investigation immediately.

What you can expect from us:

We will acknowledge your complaint promptly so that you know that we are dealing with it. We will do our best to resolve your complaint immediately.  If that’s not possible, we will keep you updated so that you know what is happening.

If we haven’t been able to resolve your complaint within two weeks we will write to you to let you know what progress we have made and to explain why it is taking time to resolve.