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These are the four key points to remember when building your company’s brand.

  1. Be the “Significant” Thing: Dole tried being all things to everyone. Instead of focusing on one message, spend your time focusing. Mercedes-Benz is the “Engineering” of the car industry because it has been focusing on this single message for decades.
  2.  Be consistent: a consistent presentation will help customers remember you. Consistent use of logos, taglines and visual elements, tone, copy, and advertising copy is key. Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known brands in the world. They haven’t changed much in over a decade. Your brochures, website, and direct mail all need to convey the same message and feel.
  3.  Make your message relevant. Get to know your audience and learn what they are interested in. You must ensure that what you offer is relevant to their needs. The conversation should be about your audience and not you.
  4. Make a compelling offer to motivate your audience. You want them to remember you, and they want to purchase from you. They must be motivated to take action. You should offer them an incentive to purchase. Your offer should be clear and relevant to your brand.

Your brand will give customers a positive or negative experience every time they come in contact with it. These experiences will enhance their impression of your brand. These experiences will be remembered later when the time comes to buy. What do you want to make your brand remembered by prospects when they are ready to buy? Start building that positive impression today and continue to do what is necessary to keep it.

Branding Advertising Examples for Sales Growth

Organizing corporate events can be both exciting and challenging. Corporate event managers face a difficult task when trying to balance the desire to make the event enjoyable and profitable while also being responsible for creating publicity.

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However, it is possible to create publicity for corporate events if you use the right approach. These tips will give you an idea of some of the best ways to create publicity.

  1. 1. It is always a good idea for a group to work together and to delegate the responsibility of creating publicity to one member. You won’t get caught up in the details, but you will be involved as an event manager. The responsibility of the event manager is to guide and make decisions.
  2. It is important to choose the right person to delegate this responsibility to in order to make your event a success. This person must have the contacts necessary to contact media companies such as newspapers and television stations before the event begins.
  3. For direct mailers and newspaper ads, use short copywriting. To create impact in your publicity pieces, good editing and writing are essential. If the recipient requests it, you should not send out large information packets.
  4. Avoid using copywriting that is too flowery or creative. Your audience will be quick to understand your message so it is important that you communicate clearly and concisely.
  5. While it might seem common to include a contact phone number or email address in your promotional materials, many corporate event organizers overlook this. This will allow you to be reached for more information.
  6. People don’t want to be reading outdated information. Your press releases must be as current and relevant as possible.
  7.  When answering questions from the media or hosting a press conference, it is important to stick with the truth. Many corporate event managers exaggerate and end up with an event that is not up to expectations.

Marketing and branding for business growth

Advertising is life made larger than life through images and words that promise a solution to a problem. Mark Twain’s keen observations about advertising are followed by Viagra. The worst advertising overexaggerates to grab your attention. The best gets your attention without exaggeration. It simply states a fact, or reveals an emotional need, and then allows you to make the leap from “small” to “large”.

The worst examples of this are before-and-after photos of weight loss products or cosmetic surgery. Both degenerate to comical disbelief. The best: Apple’s “silhouette” campaign for iPod, and breakthrough ads featuring Eminem. Both catapult iPod into “instant cool.”

“Tell the truth when in doubt.”

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Advertising today is filled with gimmicks. They keep a product stuck to their chest like a ball and a chain. This prevents it from moving quickly enough to catch up to the competition. It also stops any communication about benefits or an impetus to purchase. If the gimmick is funny or stupid enough, they will at least notice it. Local car dealers’ ads are the worst, using clowns, sledgehammers, and clowns, as well as bikini-clad models and anything not related to the product’s true benefit.

These gimmicks would have been a great advertisement if the creators had spent half of their time focusing on the real benefits and motivators for buying. They don’t realize that they have plenty of resources to use without resorting to gimmicks. They have the product and all its benefits, as well as the brand. There are also the weaknesses and strengths of the competition. And two powerful motivators for buying: fear of loss and the promise of gains.

Simply put, you need to tell the truth about your product as well as be open about your customers’ needs and wants. Sometimes, it’s difficult. It takes some research to discover what your customers want and what their competition offers them. Then, you can decide why your product is better.

Statistics are more flexible than facts

Advertising requires you to be careful with the way you use facts. Facts are scary, as any politician will tell ya. They are rigid, unbending, and not able to be manipulated. They’re indisputable. They are very powerful when used correctly. Statistics are a favorite of politicians and advertisers.

Preparation J is recommended by nine out of ten doctors. Who could disagree with that? Or, “Five out of six dentists recommend Sunshine Gum.” It makes me want to rush out and get a Sunshine Gum pack right now. It’s not too late. Rewind.

“When you realize you are on the side with the majority, it’s time to reform.”

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Let’s look at the possible origins of these statistics–the apparent majority. How many doctors did they consult before Preparation J was accepted by nine out of ten? 1,000? 10,000? How many dentists loathed the idea that patients would chew gum, but they eventually relented and said, “Most chewing gum contains sugar and other ingredients, which rot your teeth out. But if the guy’s got to chew the darn stuff, it may as much as be Sunshine, which has less sugar.” Stats can be altered to almost any interpretation. The devil is in the details.

There’s a chance that you will get any result by accident, but it is only 5% of the time. Many statistical studies are not double-blind and biased. The subject and doctor do not know who was given which test product or placebo. Worse, statistics often need to be bolstered with legal disclaimers. You can read the entire page of legal disclaimers for any weight-loss pills you have been using if you don’t believe my words. Keep it simple: Stick to the facts. Next, back them up with sound selling arguments that address your customer’s needs.

“The difference between the right and nearly right words is what makes the difference between lightning bugs and lightning.”

Writing effective ad copy requires that you choose the right words at the right moment. Your customer should be able to see every benefit of your product. You need to make sure that every benefit is highlighted. This means that you shouldn’t give your customer any excuse or chance to abandon your argument.

You’re gone if they go off-screen. They are off to the next page or another television channel, or to a new website. Make sure that every word means exactly what it is meant to say. If a product is brand new, you can say so. A product is only new once in its lifetime, so take advantage of that fact.

“Great people inspire us to believe we can be great.”

And so do great ads. Although they don’t convince us that we will become millionaires or be as popular as Madonna or Tom Cruise, they do make us believe we may be as attractive, rich, wealthy, and admired as we wish to be. Because we all have a little engine that could that can make it possible to win the lottery, catch the brass ring or sell the book we’ve been writing.

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Without being too slick, great advertising taps into this belief. A successful ad for the lottery featured people on exotic beaches with little umbrellas in their cocktails. This was a very realistic image for most people.

“The universal brotherhood between men is our most precious possession.”

Homo sapiens is a family of animals that includes us all. Each of us wants to be loved, respected, and admired. We all want to feel safe in our work and lives. Create ads that touch the heart. Your headline, copy, and visuals should have an emotional appeal. If used properly, humor can also be a powerful tool to connect you with your customer.

No matter what product you are selling, people will respond emotionally to your products. After they make the purchase decision, the justification process kicks into action to confirm it. Simply put, once they are convinced that you are a match with genuine feelings for their needs and hopes, they will become customers.

“A person’s natural desire is to have more good things than they need.”

It’s true. You can have more money, better clothes, a bigger house, and a fancier car. Advertising feeds off of it. You need it. You need it all the time. How can you tap into this insatiable desire for more? You can convince buyers that more is better.

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Colgate now offers 20% more toothpaste in its giant economy size. With the large Charmin roll, you get 60 sheets more. GE light bulbs are 15% more bright. Raisin Brain now contains 25% more raisins. Detroit realized it couldn’t sell enough cars per household in a saturated U.S. market so it began selling more cars per vehicle. The trucks and SUVs got larger and more powerful. They still sell huge 3-ton SUVs with 15 mpg.

“Clothes make the man.” Society is largely influenced by naked people.

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Who seduces the girl? Who attracts the most attractive guy? Who gets the biggest promotion? Neiman Marcus is the one who knows. So does Abercrombie & Fitch. Saks Fifth Avenue. You wouldn’t spend $900 on a power suit anywhere else. For $600, you can get a pair of shoes. From Aristotle to the 20th century, observers have maintained that character is immanent in its appearance. They assert that clothes reflect a rich palette of interior qualities and a mark of social identity.

This is where advertising that works well pays off. You need to have the right model, not necessarily the most beautiful, and creative photographers and directors who can tell a story and create a mood.

The Levis black and white spot, which features a young man driving along the streets and alleyways of the Czech Republic, is a great example of fashion advertising. He stops to pick up his friends and gets out of the vehicle wearing only a shirt. The voiceover jokingly exclaims, “Reason007: You can trade them in Prague for a car.”


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