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4x NBA Champion John Salley Thinks This Era Is ‘The Best Time For Basketball’

By | May 3, 2023

If you’re a basketball fan, you might be wondering if this era of the sport can compare to the legends and icons of the past. Well, 4x NBA Champion John Salley is here to tell you that this is the best time for basketball. With his impressive career and wealth of experience in the game, he has a unique perspective on the current state of basketball. In this blog post, we’ll dive into Salley’s thoughts and insights on why basketball today is simply the best.

H1: 4x NBA Champion John Salley Thinks This Era Is ‘The Best Time For Basketball’

Basketball has certainly evolved over the years, and no one knows that better than former NBA All-Star John Salley. In an exclusive interview with Forbes Assistant Managing Editor Diane Brady, Salley discusses why he believes this era is the ‘best time for basketball.’


Salley’s decorated basketball career spanned over a decade. He won four NBA championships, played in the league for over twelve seasons and amassed a career tally of nine thousand four hundred and seventy-eight points. After retiring from basketball, he’s become an entrepreneur, podcast host, and TV personality. In the interview with Forbes, Salley shares his thoughts on basketball, entrepreneurship, and mental health.

Basketball has Never Been Better

According to Salley, the present era represents the greatest time for basketball in history. He notes, “It’s the best time for basketball.” Salley was referring to the modern-day evolution of the sport. He made references to the NCAA tournaments and explained that three-point shooting has revolutionized the game. He stated that “The Warriors shot thirty-three three-pointers and made nineteen in one match.” He believes this evolution of basketball has led to more significant scoring margins and has turned the game into one of pure athleticism and skill.

The Mental Health Conversation in Basketball

In recent years, the conversation around mental health among athletes has become more prominent. Salley believes that prioritizing mental health just like physical therapy would be a game-changer for athletes. He argues that the emotional and psychological aspect of sports has not been given the attention it deserves.

Salley cites Michael Phelps’s story to highlight how important mental health can be. Phelps’ Olympic success masked his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. Mental health isn’t any less important than physical health, and without proper attention, it could be fatal.


After retiring from basketball, Salley ventured into entrepreneurship. He started a vegan line of food products and has even launched his own podcast. Salley believes that entrepreneurship is about “thinking outside of the box.” He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to “Find a problem and solve it.” Salley’s success in entrepreneurship showcases how athletes can successfully transition from their sporting careers to other areas of life.

Salley’s thoughts on Chris Tucker

Salley introduced Chris Tucker to the Forbes interview halfway through the chat, and the comedian praised Salley’s leadership skills on and off the court. Tucker cited Salley as a mentor in his life and highlighted how Salley’s leadership skills have helped him grow personally and professionally.


John Salley offers a unique perspective on basketball, entrepreneurship, and mental health. His success in and out of basketball resonates with aspiring entrepreneurs and athletes who seek to transition into other areas of life. As basketball continues to evolve, Salley believes that this era is the greatest time for basketball, and the conversation around mental health, physical health, and athleticism should continue.


  1. Who is John Salley?

John Salley is a retired NBA player, entrepreneur, and TV personality who played in the league for over twelve seasons and won four NBA championships.

  1. What did John Salley say about modern basketball?

According to John Salley, the modern-day evolution of basketball has led to the best era of basketball in history, with greater scoring margins and pure athleticism.

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  1. What does John Salley think about mental health among athletes?

Salley believes that mental health among athletes is just as important as their physical health and should be given adequate attention by coaches and trainers.

  1. What advice does John Salley give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

John Salley advises aspiring entrepreneurs to think outside the box, find a problem, and solve it.

  1. What does Chris Tucker think about John Salley?

Chris Tucker was full of praise for John Salley, citing him as a mentor and leader in his life, both on and off the court.